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GEA Policy Priorities
 GEA's 2011 top industry policy priority is to secure tax incentives to promote geothermal energy development. Other policy priorities include: facilitating permitting and construction of the transmission capacity needed to support geothermal energy development; minimizing leasing and permitting delays that challenge geothermal development; launch new national efforts to support geothermal exploration, resource quantification, and project development; build on existing state renewable mandates with a National energy policy that promotes renewables; help member companies expand their share of the growing world geothermal market.

GEA Government Relations Committee
 GEA's Government Affairs Committee is opened to GEA corporate members who are interested in being kept informed of public policy developments in Washington and the western states. Members who want to be involved in GEA’s activities in these areas are invited to participate in the GEA Government Affairs Committee.

Tax and Financial Incentives for Geothermal
 Geothermal development, production, and use is impacted by a range of Federal and State tax and other financial incentives.

Key Geothermal Laws
Geothermal development and production is governed by a variety of Geothermal Research and Development Laws and Geothermal Leasing and Resource Management Laws.
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