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The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) thanks those who have contributed to this publication and past versions of it.  2012 reviewers: Tonya Boyd (Oregon Institute of Technology), William Glassley (University of California, Davis), Elizabeth Littlefield (University of Nevada, Reno), and Joel Renner. 2009 reviewers: Dan Fleischmann (Ormat Technologies), Roy Mink, Marilyn Nemzer (Geothermal Education Office), John Pritchett (Science Applications International Corporation), and Jeff Tester (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  Authors of previous GEA reports: Diana Bates, Leslie Blodgett, Karl Gawell, Nathanael Hance, Alison Holm, Daniel Jennejohn, Alyssa Kagel, Benjamin Matek, and Mark Taylor.  This and other materials free to access at have benefitted from input by scores of geothermal community members.  Despite being unable to provide an exhaustive list, we thank you all.

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